NEWS: First Family Seder and Digital Seders for All!

Families can now read their own personalized Haggadah during their Passover Seder meal by simply going online and ordering one custom-made from Behrman House. To promote the project, Berhman House made a personalized Haggadah for the Obama family that tells, as the LA Times reported, “the story of freedom from slavery to the American civil rights movement,” complete with color pictures of the first family’s Passover Seder, celebrated last year in the White House. Of course, other families can have their own pictures published in their own Haggadah, along with other variations on the theme of freedom and liberation. Users of the new digital Seder can find customized instructions on YouTube, can  search for virtually hidden Afikomen on Facebook, and can assist their young ones with the recitation of the “iMah Nishtanah” with a new iPhone app. These and additional online resources can be especially helpful for those with limited Hebrew abilities or who need assistance with the Seder service. For full story click here.

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