NEWS: Secular Spaces: Can Evangelicals Remain Neutral?

Greg Boyd, recognized theologian, preacher, author, and founder of the evangelical mega-church Woodland Hills, in St. Paul, Minnesota, was asked to deliver a speech at the inauguration of David M. Dooley as the 11th president of the University of Rhode Island. Boyd’s lecture was titled “Creating the Future: The Role of the University in Transforming the World.” Given the historical tensions surrounding evangelical positions on social values and exclusive claims to religious truth, one wonders about public perception: will the orator respect the boundaries and differences between their own particular political and religious positions and those of the audience, or will various persons find themselves on the receiving end of views particular to a specific subculture? Clergy members have often delivered public addresses. However, in a time when the boundaries between the sacred and the secular grow increasingly complicated, speeches delivered within a multicultural context will remain under the scrutiny of the public eye. Read the full article here.

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