NEWS: New Documentary on 7th-Day Adventists and Health Care Reform

As a result of their health-centered lifestyle, Seventh-Day Adventists typically live eight to ten years longer, according to longevity studies. A new documentary, The Adventists, explores intersections between faith and medicine, focusing particularly on the healthy lifestyle of adherents of Seventh-Day Adventism. As filmmaker Martin Doblmeier explained in an interview with Religion News Service, Adventists “start with the principle that health care is sacred work, that the body is the temple of God.”

The film also highlights several ironies in Adventism. For example, as Doblmeier explains, Adventists “seem to be a conservative group, yet they’re knee-deep in medical technology that’s way out on the forefront.” Further, despite conservatism in some areas, they are often supportive of health care reforms. With healthcare debates still raging throughout the media and on the senate and house floors, the film’s release is timely. Doblemeier hopes viewers’ takeaway message will be a realization that “The idea of framing health care as sacred work brings everything religion is supposed to stand for right into the key of the health care debate.” The documentary will air on PBS stations during the week of April 5, National Public Health Week. For full story click here.

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