NEWS: Angels or God?

It seems the “feel-good angelmania” of the mid-nineties is wearing off—or at least the optimism surrounding angelic hope as connected to God. The movie Legion depicts a God who “is simply sick of us and he’s going to show his displeasure not by water or the fire next time, but instead by angels—lots and lots of angry angels.” God is angry. But along with a new twist in messianic hope, Archangel Michael comes to help humanity.

Americans have always been fascinated with apocalyptic drama. During the seventies, author Hal Lindsey became a best-selling novelist based on this fascination. Fear sells. Or more precisely, religious fear sells, according to Jason C. Bivins, Associate Professor of Religion at North Carolina State University. But while Americans are either fearful or titillated by various versions of terrestrial cataclysmic disaster scenarios, hope is also found (as well as marketed and consumed) as our worst fears are alleviated by “secret agents” from Heaven. W. Scott Poole, associate professor in history at the College of Charleston, submits that while fascination with the end of time, Angels, and spiritual warfare is ubiquitous, its place in popular culture (for evangelicals) can be traced to fantasy literature during the 1960s and 1970s. He ends by asking: “Do the angry angels of the new film Legion, with their roots in angelmania, mean that for many Americans God is absent? And do these creatures, heavenly and horrific, fill the vacuum?” Read the full story here.

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