NEWS: Update: Muslim Punk Rock Media Explosion

Taqwacore band, The Kominas

After a wave of of attention in Summer 2009, the Muslim Punk Rock movement known as Taqwacore is back in the media spotlight.  (Read the original post here) This time a religious studies news source, ReligionDispatches, offers two articles that explore this part-religious, part-artistic phenomenon. In “Kill Your Patriarchs” (found here) Religious Dispatches contributor Hussein Rashid interviews Michael Muhammad Knight, the so-called father of the Taqwacore movement. In 2003, Knight wrote and self-published a novel titled “Taqwacore” that found a widespread underground audience. Rashid provides a fascinating portrait of this American-convert who finds himself leading a movement of not only American Muslims but also a growing global music scene. Knight finds himself yet again at the center of a media explosion since the movie Taqwacore (based on Knight’s novel) debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. In addition to the premiere at Sundance, Knight’s movement also celebrated the limited release of a documentary based on the novel. As a result of Taqwacore’s emergence from the underground, ReligionDispatches also posted a roundtable discussion “On Punks, the Media, and the Meaning of “Muslim.” To read the discussion, click here. To connect to the Taqwacore Webzine, click here.

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