NEWS: Non-Muslims Permitted to Use ‘Allah’

After a publication of the Catholic Church in Malaysia filed a lawsuit, the Malaysian High Court ruled that non-Muslims are allowed to use the Arabic word Allah when referring to God. Some Muslims suspect that Christians want access to the word Allah to convert non-Muslims to Christianity, which is currently a crime in Malaysia. The majority of Malaysians are Muslim, and religious minorities in the country often feel excluded by Malaysian laws and customs. In November, Malaysian authorities confiscated thousands of Bibles because they referred to God as Allah. The country’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and Evangelical and Catholic groups have been fighting for their right to use the word Allah, arguing that they have been doing so for decades. Malaysia has thousands of practicing Christians, Buddhist, and Hindus, and while people of these religions are permitted to convert to Islam, it is illegal for Muslims to convert to any other religion. Read more here and here.

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