NEWS: Religion in Review

Rick Warren, pictured here with President Bush, was one of the top religion newsmakers of the decade

As 2009 comes to an end media outlets review the highlights of the past year and decade. USA Today concluded that “God, politics, and pop culture intertwined in ’09.” Contributor Cathy Lynn Grossman included the renewed vigor of Catholic lobbyists, the death of Oral Roberts, the increasing popularity of Rick Warren and President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech declaring the United States as “a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers” in her list of notable religion news. Thirty-four percent of USA Today readers decided that Rick Warren was the top religion newsmaker in 2009 with Pope Benedict XVI slightly behind with thirty percent. As for the decade, the USA Today declared the past ten years were characterized by “Scandal and Conflict in Religion.” Catholic clergy abuse scandals and gay rights debates top their list of stories along with the unprecedented amount of research on religious identity. Taking a more scholarly approach, Religious Studies professor Louis A. Ruprecht offered his analysis on the previous decade in religion. In “Religion at Decade’s End,” Ruprecht admits that the opening decade of the twenty-first century has left many confused about religion, especially the relationship between religion and politics and the nature of “the secular sphere.” To read Ruprecht’s full article, click here.

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