Atheism During the Holidays

While many Americans view the month of December as a time to celebrate their religious traditions through holiday rituals, a growing segment of the population prefers to enjoy December without any religious overtones. The American Humanist Association, seeking to cater to such people, has launched another ad campaign to de-stigmatize atheism around the holidays. Last year, over 200 buses in Washington, D.C. displayed ads asking, “Why believe in a God? Just be good for goodness’ sake.” This year, 250 buses in five different cities will display ads of people in Santa Claus hats asking, “No God? . . . No problem!” Although religious leaders of many different faiths have denounced the ads, the American Humanist Association insists that such ads are important. The American media, the Association argues, with all of its advertisements geared toward religious people, can make atheists feel like they are alone. Read more here.

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From The Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy

One thought on “Atheism During the Holidays

  1. The ads are mere propaganda that answers to an argument that no one has made. The claim is not that atheists lack of morals but lack of moral premise, lack of ethos.

    It is also a reprinting of their ads from last year:

    Yet again, during a time of the year when people are generally more inclined towards charity—peace on earth and good will towards non-gender specific personages—atheists are busily collecting hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars during a time of recession not in order to help anyone in real material need but in order to purchase bill boards and bus ads whereby they seek to demonstrate, to themselves, just how clever they are—need any more be said?

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