NEWS: Creationism vs. Darwinism in Rap

Charles_Darwin_1880Ever since the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859, there have been heated discussions between those who believe in divine creation and those who favour the theory of evolution. Although, it may be argued that the two are not mutually exclusive, for many the issue remains divisive. However, 150 years on, it is difficult to understand what a radical departure Darwin’s theory was from mainstream thinking.

In Birmingham, England a recent initiative aims to engage young people in these very issues by incorporating both Creationism and Darwinism in a framework of discussion. Where this project perhaps differs from others, is in its use of Grime, ‘the ultra-quick urban garage rap popularised by Dizzee Rascal and the So Solid Crew’. Brian Law, ex-footballer, and project founder, suggests that young people, in particular boys, struggle to understand religion. By offering an opportunity to explore issues in ways which are meaningful, albeit controlled – no swearing or “repping” (postcode references) – appears to ensure the students’ participation. As one religious and philosophy head commented: ‘Kids are usually switched off by religion. But today they are really engaged.’

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One thought on “NEWS: Creationism vs. Darwinism in Rap

  1. Boys do get religion. They get Islam. They get Judaism. They get Greek Orthodoxy. The strength of these religions is in a strong brotherhood founded upon a code. Western Christianity has lost this, and become effeminate, a culture with little brotherhood and even less true fatherhood. I teach the Bible in a local high school. The Bible is a strong book, and boys love it. So do the girls. We don’t need rap. We need the Bible, taught by strong, faithful men who exemplify, incarnate, the sacrificial masculinity found in its narratives.

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