NEWS: Amish Novels: A New Genre

Amish_coverBeverly Lewis’s 1997 novel The Shunning, which related her grandmother’s experience leaving a Mennonite community, has spawned what is becoming a literary genre in its own right: the Amish novel. In following with Lewis’s novel, which has sold over 12 million copies, these books are, for the most part, neither written by nor read by the Amish. They are currently most popular among evangelical Christian women. Curiosity about the Amish lifestyle, as well as admiration for their strong faith and traditional values, draws readers to the novels. Most novels are, as journalist Ann Rodgers put it, G-rated, and they inculcate biblical belief and virtues, appealing to a Christian readership. The genre is currently leading sales in the Christian fiction industry, according to journalist Eric Gorski at the Eagle Tribune. Read more at the Religious News Service blog.

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