NEWS: Was L. Ron Hubbard a “charlatan”?

Scientology_e_meters_green_blackA recent application under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 has enabled The Times to gain access to material relating to the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Although, the material, held by The National Archives, was not due for complete release until 2019, the Department of Health papers made available relate to an investigation into Hubbard’s academic credentials.

The investigation revolved around the claim that ‘L. Ron Hubbard was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Sequoia University on February 10, 1953, in recognition of his outstanding work in the fields of Dianetics and Scientology’. However, it was alleged that Hubbard’s PhD had been awarded by little more than a “diploma mill”, in essence the qualification had been self-awarded. In 1977, this was confirmed by the British Consulate in Los Angeles, who described Sequoia University as a ‘will of the wisp organisation which has no premises and does not really exist.’

Despite this conclusion, the United States Internal Revenue Service was unable to provide positive verification. Instead they suggested that Scientologists, posing as doctors, had negatively influenced the Deputy Attorney General’s mental health, thus ensuring he was unable to continue with the investigation. The Church of Scientology’s response to these allegations insists that they are ‘simply reflective of how astronomically paranoid they [the authorities] were’

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Church of Scientology
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3 thoughts on “NEWS: Was L. Ron Hubbard a “charlatan”?

  1. The UK Libel Laws have taken another step into the abyss and could signal the end of Free Speech. A UK based media club, The Groucho Club which is owned by a billion pound corporation ‘Graphite Capital’ have launched a one of kind High Court action for a pre publishing test case for libel against Tyrone D Murphy, the author of an exposé book about the club. The book has not been completed yet and the case seems to be based on what could be written and not what has been written. The writer is defending this action in person as the costs are astronomical and I am supporting this writer and his cause. All writers and journalists should also support him as he is in the forefront of the battle for free speech.

    What do you make of this type of case where a legal action can be taken against a writer of a book that has not been written yet? This action is certainly a threat against all writers and journalists is the book web site

  2. What a lousy site it gives nothing but bogus opinions without any credible facts. Better fire your reach [sic] team they blew it on this one.

  3. Hi ‘Anonymous’,

    If you know of any specific facts in this post that are false or misrepresented, then you should let us know. It’s hard to see what you mean, given that this post is what you might call ‘second order’ reporting. That is to say; we’re only reporting on what other (credible and respected) journalists have written elsewhere, and we offer no comment on the rightness or wrongness of anyone concerned.

    Comments like yours above don’t help to establish what is and isn’t true. Be specific and constructive, please!



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