NEWS: Update: The Episcopal Church and Gay Rights

450px-Episcopal_Church_red_doorThough it has been only a short time since the Episcopal Church’s July convention, where members voted to end the freeze on ordaining openly gay men and lesbians into the institution’s hierarchy (see the original post from July 17 here), church leaders in Minnesota and Los Angeles have already taken advantage of the kinder, gentler atmosphere. On Saturday, August 1st, the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota announced they had settled upon three candidates for bishop, including Rev. Bonnie Perry, rector of Chicago’s All Saints Episcopal Church, who is a lesbian. The Diocese of Los Angeles named six nominees for two assistant bishop positions the very next day. Among the contenders are Baltimore’s Rev. Canon Mary D. Glasspool and San Francisco’s Rev. John L. Kirkley, both of whom are openly gay. As with the July convention, these events are expected to further hostilities between the Episcopal Church of the United States and the worldwide Anglican Communion, as well as increase polarization among American congregations. Read more here.

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