NEWS: The “Dehumanising” Face of Virtual Communities

Woman-typing-on-laptopIn an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols has voiced his concerns with online social networking. He specifically referred to Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, but also included email and text messages, suggesting that they all contribute to the dehumanisation of community.

Although all of the above forms of communication are used daily, by millions, the Archbishop’s concerns focus on the risk to young people’s wellbeing. Instead of interacting face-to-face, he fears that young people are increasingly becoming dependent on their virtual community for friendship. He anticipates this will cause a loss of social skills necessary to maintain close, mutually beneficial relationships, instead all that will remain is ‘an all or nothing syndrome that you have to have in an attempt to shore up an identity; a collection of friends about whom you can talk and even boast’. Such an outcome, he suggests, will lead to ‘transient relationships’, leaving the individual with no real support network when life is difficult, which may in turn contribute to suicide.

As well as his unease with virtual communication, Archbishop Vincent Nichols is also disquieted by other aspects of British society, not least modern football, where he suggests that ‘[t]here are echelons of football, as in society, where some players are clearly mercenaries.’

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One thought on “NEWS: The “Dehumanising” Face of Virtual Communities

  1. We at wholeheartedly agree with this along with the Archbishop’s comments yesterday in The Sunday Telegraph that Facebook and MySpace are leading young people to seek “transient” friendships, with quantity becoming more important than quality. CitySocialising was created to help people form real world connections and to get people out from behind their computer screens and into the face to face social fire. We know that real world friendships are far more valuable than online friendships and that interacting face-to-face with others is essential for a person’s wellbeing. Whilst the internet is a great tool to initiate new friend connections, it’s the offline meeting and socialising with these people through which genuine friendships are forged.

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