NEWS: Fictional Muslim Punk Scene Gains Real Momentum

XponrxRecently, an underground Muslim punk rock scene has gained widespread attention as NPR Music shed light on this intriguing movement. Known as “Taqwacore,” this music scene began in 2003 as an imagined community in a novel, The Taqwacores, by Michael Muhammad Knight, an American Muslim convert. Combining the word Arabic word “tawqa,” meaning “God-consciousness,” with “hardcore,” Knight envisioned a community of young Muslims who refused to let their two loves—Islam and punk rock—remain mutually exclusive. Considering Islam to be the ultimate expression of all things punk, Knight’s imagined Taqwacore community found a sympathetic and eager audience of young American Muslims experiencing a similar internal conflict. Through Knight’s underground novel, an actual Taqwacore community and music scene surfaced. While Knight received praise for capturing the heart of an otherwise overlooked community of Muslims, he also received criticism both from the larger Muslim community and punk rock fans. Nevertheless, Taqwacore gains momentum as Muslim punk rockers connect through social networking sites to coordinate music festivals and filmmakers express interest in depicting Taqwacore culture. To read the NPR article or listen to Taqwacore bands click here. To read the New York Times review of Knight’s The Taqwacores click here.

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