NEWS: Paganism and the Police

Summer_Solstice_Sunrise_over_Stonehenge_2005Paganism has historically often been viewed with misgivings and a great deal of suspicion. For some the links to witchcraft signify little more than devil worship and other dark arts. Others recognise that although Paganism may not be a mainstream religion, it has an ancient pedigree firmly rooted within the worship of nature.

Most recently, the Pagan Police Association has been created, allowing police officers to explore their beliefs with other officers. Alongside this, in some forces, officers are being allowed the opportunity to move away from traditional Christian holidays. In practice this means that Pagan officers, rather like those from more mainstream faiths, can take their holidays on the dates which support their beliefs.

The police force, as an organisation operating every day of the year, 24/7, perhaps has more freedom when designating staff vacations than other employers. Additionally, it has a strong need to reflect the diversity of the communities which it polices. Although in 2001 the Office of National Statistics estimated that there were only 31,000 Pagans within England and Wales, the extension of this initiative to include Pagans suggests that both the Home Office and the police service are taking their commitments to equality and diversity seriously.

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