NEWS: Christian-Muslim Tension Continues

Nine Christian students in Malaysia were arrested after a security guard at a university reported that the students were proselytizing by handing out pamphlets to Muslim students. Police are ready to release the students, after it was revealed that they were handing out surveys to other Christian students and not trying to convert Muslims, which is currently a crime. While members of minority religious groups—such as Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians—are guaranteed equal rights in Malaysia, recently there has been an increasing number of incidents where religious minorities feel that the Muslim majority is trying to increase its power by persecuting people of other religious traditions. This current tension between Christians and Muslims follows a recent incident where two Muslim journalists disguised their religious identity to investigate whether or not Muslims were committing apostasy by attending a Roman Catholic church. A Catholic priest criticized the article, and the two men are currently being investigated for the crime of causing ‘religious disharmony.’ Read more here.

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