NEWS: Religion and the iPhone

IPhonecrowdSince its first release in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has been dubbed the “Jesus Phone” because it has developed a cult following and has been a technological “savior” to many. The updated iPhone 3G will be released Friday, June 19, featuring new applications and a faster network. Not only is religious imagery used to describe the iPhone, but the iPhone itself can be used for religious purposes. Hundreds of downloadable iPhone applications have religious themes, such as iMenorah; iMishnah, which contains the sacred Hebrew text; iTalmud, which is described as “The iPhone application, 1500 years in the making”; iScripture; Strongs Concordance; iSunday Service; a Muslim call to prayer application; iMobiQB, which is the Koran translated into English; the Romans Road to Salvation application; iDhammapada, which contains the sacred Buddhist text; and Religion Trainer, which quizzes its users on obscure religious terms. Since popular media outlets have been used for religious purposes throughout history, it is no surprise that the world’s latest gadget can be used in the service of religion. Read more about the iPhone here.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS: Religion and the iPhone

  1. Interesting! The intersection between religion and technology is fascinating. As the rabbi of an online synagogue, it’s so wonderful to see everyday how technology is enhancing religion – and bringing it into the 21st century.

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