NEWS: Gordon Brown Calls Bahai Persecutions Tragic

gordon_brown_imf1In his special message to the UK Bahai community, the British Prime Minister has expressed his ‘respect and admiration’ for the British Bahai community, describing prejudice and discrimination against Bahais in the Muslim world as ‘tragic’. Highlighting dire situation of Bahai prisoners in Iran, Mr. Brown has said that ‘We have raised our concerns with the Iranian Government and I urge the authorities to ensure that these individuals receive a fair trial and ask them to put an end to discrimination against the wider Bahá’í community within Iran.” The letter was read by Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, at the annual reception hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Friends of the Bahais. The reception received similar messages from leaders of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Read full story here.

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