NEWS: Violence Near Temple Called Neighbor Dispute

080501-M-2095G-184Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen, has compared recent violence on the Thailand-Cambodia border to a dispute between neighbors rather than a war. On Friday two Thai soldiers were killed and several more wounded when Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged fire at a contested site. The conflict is ongoing, and surrounds the Preah Vihear temple, an ancient monument that Cambodia recently declared a World Heritage site. Though the temple technically sits in Cambodian territory, both Thailand and Cambodia claim the land surrounding the temple. In October two Cambodian soldiers were killed, though tensions reached their peak in July when Cambodia made its bid to Unesco. This most recent spurt of violence occurred after Thai soldiers were examining a location where a landmine recently exploded. Each side claims that the other fired first. Read more here.

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One thought on “NEWS: Violence Near Temple Called Neighbor Dispute

  1. In the name of Cambodian citizen I don’t want my country make war with neighbor countries because war can make us suffering all the time. Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen,fines a good way to negotiate with Thia side he want his country keeps secret and live in the high standard of living.

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