NEWS: Faith and Belief: Inseparable?

27the_dhyani_buddha_akshobhya272c_tibetan_thangka2c_late_13th_century2c_honolulu_academy_of_artsEd Halliwell of The Guardian has raised some interesting points in a recent article. As a practising Shambhala Buddhist, Halliwell questions the idea that faith and belief are indivisible concepts. Indeed, he goes further, asserting that ‘belief isn’t a very important element in my religious practice’.

Faith and belief may be seen as virtually indistinguishable from one another, both essential to religion. However, Ed Halliwell suggests that this need not be the case. Instead, he refers to Buddha’s exhortation that personal experience should form the basis of faith, not scriptures or religious authorities. In essence, it is not enough to follow blindly, instead the practices of faith should be constantly evaluated, not in terms of truth, but in terms of the benefits offered, not only for the individual but for the greater community.

Buddhism, Politics, and Nationalism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
By Thomas Borchert
(Vol. 2, August 2007)
Religion Compass

Cognitive Science of Religion: What Is It and Why Is It?
By Justin L. Barrett
(Vol. 2, September 2007)
Religion Compass

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