DIGEST: Bus caption contest, Bonhoeffer’s Legacy, Shrinking Catholicism


Atheist bus signs: a caption contest
February 6, 2009

Over in the UK, the atheist bus campaign has been attracting a lot of media interest. Some Christian groups have chimed in with their own (predictably humourless) rival ads, and there have been various theological responses as well.
[See responses so far…]

The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
January 29, 2009

I’m beginning to realize that part of what I find intriguing about Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the mysterious character of his legacy. Out of all the great figures of twentieth century theology Bonhoeffer no one is perhaps more well-known, and therefore also probably more misunderstood, than Bonhoeffer.

The Incredible Shrinking Catholic Church
February 6, 2009

Benedict’s ecclesial acceptance of someone most thoughtful people wouldn’t invite to a cocktail party showed a disregard of the sensibilities of his own flock.

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