NEWS: Without a Prayer?

duerer-prayerOn 17 December 2008, Community Nurse Caroline Petrie was suspended by North Somerset Primary Care Trust. This disciplinary action was taken after the Trust received a complaint that the Baptist nurse had offered to say a prayer for one of her patients. Although, Ms. Petrie claims that the elderly patient refused her offer and the matter was then dropped, the patient subsequently complained. Ms. Petrie has stated that the elderly woman ‘wasn’t offended but was concerned that someone else might be.’

Caroline Petrie has been a nurse since 1985 and a practising Christian since her mother died. As a firm believer in the power of prayer, she believes it is only natural to share her faith with her patients. North Somerset Primary Care Trust has an obvious responsibility to take all complaints seriously; however, it would seem that such a long period of unpaid suspension—with the next disciplinary meeting not due to be held until this week—could be described as unnecessarily cruel.

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By Justin L. Barrett
(Vol. 2, September 2007)
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Petitionary Prayer
By Eleonore Stump
A Companion to Philosophy of Religion

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