NEWS: Christian Zionists Watching Gaza Events Rapturously

southeast_mediterranean_annotated_geography2Christian Zionism, an offshoot of Evangelical Christianity, is one of the fastest-growing religious groups in Britain today. Christian Zionists, who for the past three decades have influenced the US government policy toward the Middle East, are no longer an exclusively American phenomenon, with many British converts embracing their cause. Last week amid the bloody war in Gaza a group of these militant Christians, who anticipate Armageddon in the Holy Land, paid a visit to Jerusalem to reiterate their support for Jews in their fight against ‘Mohammedans’. The group was led by Christine Darg who is the main sponsor for Battalion for Deborah, a Texas-based organization that seeks expulsion of all Palestinians from the ‘greater Israel’. These apocalyptic Christians are even more extreme than Likud members, aligning themselves with the right-wing members of Knesset and ultra-Zionist groups such as Gush Emunim. Read full story here.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS: Christian Zionists Watching Gaza Events Rapturously

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  2. It’s easy for these armchair followers of churchianity to applaud the sufferings of OTHER PEOPLE they’ll never meet. Of course Israel scored an easy victory in Gaza, like shooting fish in a bowl! Even if god hadn’t allegedly been on their side, it would have been a piece of cake. I just haven’t figured out yet how burning little children with illegal phosphorous and starving a beseiged population of women and helpless old people squares with what Jesus taught (unless I’m reading the wrong Bible). False christians just want this mess to go on so prophecy will be fulfilled and they can be out of this world in a hurry. Ultimately their motive is selfish!

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