NEWS: International Conference on Islamic Feminism

Islamic marriage contract from 1874

Barcelona is hosting the third International Congress on Islamic Feminism, where a group of prominent Muslim scholars have gathered to discuss some pressing issues facing Muslim women. Making a distinction between the particular socio-cultural contexts within which Islam was born and the universal principles of the religion, Muslim feminists seek to articulate new interpretations that make room for gender equality. Such interpretations need not necessarily follow binary logic’s either/or model, as they can be both pro-faith and pro-feminism. Muslim feminists argue that one can be both Muslim and feminist, but theirs is a daunting task. Not only do they have to fight with Islamists who want to impose their fixed view of sharia on the Muslim world, they also have to resist Western Orientalists whose treatment of Islam as a monolithic phenomenon leaves room for nothing but invalid generalizations of tribal, patriarchal, and misogynistic features of the Arabian Peninsula at the dawn of Islam. Read full story here.

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