NEWS: God on Trial: Case Dismissed

Judge Marlon Polk has recently dismissed a case against God, on the grounds that the defendant has no address. In the case, brought by State Senator Ernie Chambers, God was alleged to have been responsible for the ‘widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants’. The complete law suit acknowledges the difficulty in serving such court papers but insists that God is both ‘Omnipresent’ and ‘Omniscient’, rendering such a process unnecessary. However, the Judge disagreed, instead throwing the case out of court.

Although this case may at first glance appear frivolous and disrespectful, arguably even blasphemous, Ernie Chambers insists that his suit is important. He hopes that this case will highlight the fact that ‘anyone can sue anyone else, even God’. Whether, this is the best way to raise such concerns, remains to be seen, but at least for now God is free from litigation.

Read full story here

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One thought on “NEWS: God on Trial: Case Dismissed

  1. Bizarrely, this story is the number 1 ‘shared’ entry in the BBC’s list of ‘most popular stories now’. It would be fascinating to know what has created this revival of interest some ten months after original publication.

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