NEWS: Obama the Antichrist: Politics and Religion in the Presidential Campaign

In the run up to the US presidential elections, religion has been used as a means to demonise Obama by the Republican campaign, claims article in Time Magazine. The ad ‘The One’, which has recently been released online, implies that Barack is an anti-Christ figure, outraging many of his Christian supporters. The creation of ‘The One’ by Fred Davis, Ralph Reed and nephew of Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, portrays the Democrat as a Self-appointed Messiah at best, and as the anti-Christ at its worst.

The ad taps into a growing current within the Christian radio, press and political blogs accusing Obama of being the anti-Christ. The cataloguing of similarities between him and the biblical anti-Christ began nearly two years ago, and has increased in intensity since February this year after Obama gained numerous victories. Various pieces of ‘evidence’ have been offered in support of the theory, such as his left-handedness to prophesies of the anti-Christ being a ‘man in his 40s of Muslim descent’. McCain advisors have argued that the ad was intended to be a humorous way of poking fun at Obama’s popularity. However, the visual images are sinister, unlike that which you might expect from a ‘spoof’. One segment of the ad which has caused much controversy combines clips of Charlton Heston as Moses and the image of the previously used quasi-presidential seal of the Obama campaign – which draws on the Book of Daniel. The seal appears to rise from the sea as a creature with wings like an eagle.

Only a fraction of the internet community take these speculations seriously, yet these beliefs are consistently perpetuated by the McCain campaign; religion has been warped by the political elite as a means of gaining the conservative, evangelical vote.

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