NEWS: Anti-Semitic Holocaust Revisionist: A Just Case for Extradition?

Dr Frederick Toben is currently on remand, awaiting a full court hearing to decide his proposed extradition, due to be heard on 17 October 2008. He was arrested, whilst on a brief stopover at Heathrow airport, under an EU warrant issued by a German Court. The charges in question relate to internet publications Dr Toben has produced, described in Germany as being ‘of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.’

Read full story from the BBC here

Although Holocaust denial is not deemed a crime in Britain, anti-Semitism can be viewed as incitement to racial hatred, punishable by law. In part, this distinction creates difficulties for many. On the one hand, such an extradition may be seen as an infringement of free speech, on the other the sheltering of an anti-Semite is abhorrent.

This case highlights the problematic nature of transnational crime. The internet enables individuals to engage remotely. Although the material in question appears to have emanated from the author’s Australian base, its affects are felt worldwide. The difficulty is ascertaining how we police such media.

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