NEWS: Religious Conversion ‘A Fighting Matter’

A recent briefing in The Economist has highlighted some of the inherent dangers faced by those wishing to change their religion. For some it would seem that a transfer of faith can literally become a matter of life and death.

See full article from The Economist

The article begins by exploring the idea of a conversion of faith, described as a ‘turning point’. By utilising a number of case studies, the author presents both historical and international dimensions. Much of the discussion focuses on social, political and legal impediments to religious conversion. The issue of community cohesion is also examined in some detail, alongside the dichotomy of religion and state. Throughout, the need for ‘deeper theological dialogue’ is stressed.

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From The Blackwell Dictionary of Judaica

Islam and Democracy: Is Modernization a Barrier?
By John O. Voll , Georgetown University
(Vol. 1, November 2006)

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