NEWS: Benedict XVI Meets Victims of Sex Abuse

Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI ended his visit to Australia with an impromptu private mass for former victims of sexual abuse. Earlier in his visit the Pope had condemned the abuse of minors as evil and ‘a grave betrayal of trust’.

See article from The Guardian

This mass has been seen by some as a reinforcement of the Catholic Church’s fervent commitment to dealing with the issue of child sex abuse. However, other groups and individuals have denounced its private and exclusive nature, suggesting that by the church simply selecting the four individuals invited, there was no opportunity for open debate and reconciliation.

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One thought on “NEWS: Benedict XVI Meets Victims of Sex Abuse

  1. I find all this very interesting.

    As a boy I was raped by the Franciscans in Waverley Sydney Australia, so it’s very easy for me to have strong opinions on this topic.

    Personally the only valuable thing that can be done is for everyone to come forward and tell their story, bring a community awareness f how rampant child abuse has been in the church. There were many boys raped that I know, only a few have spoken up and this is what makes this issue so difficult. And then there were cases at the school I went to at Marcellin Junior College Coogee, that is two Catholic environments that I grew up in where there was sexual abuse of children.

    There, there are many cases. It’s hard for women to speak up and near impossible for men because of the shame of being violated. It’s taken me 41 years but I hold my head high regardless and ask people within the churches to wake up and have a look at this serious issue. If we don’t speak up other peoples children may not be safe. My parents trusted, I wish they hadn’t.

    When people follow the legal path it is also very traumatic.

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